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Erub Erwer Meta

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Erub Erwer Meta (Our Learning House at Erub) works to revitalise traditional Meriam Mer culture and share it with the world. Erub, also known as Darnley Island, is one of the most remote communities in Australia, located 260km north east of Queensland's Cape York Peninsula. This beautiful volcanic island situated in the turquoise waters of the Torres Strait, is home to approximately 400 Meriam Mer people.

In 2008 Erub Erwer Meta became the first incorporated art centre in the Torres Strait. The Centre specialises in printmaking and hand-built, wood fire ceramics, as well as creating artworks in a range of media from jewellery to textiles. Erub Erwer Meta is a unique art centre bringing community learning in broadcasting, music, performance and IT technology together in the one facility.

With the support of Gab Titui Cultural Centre, Erub Erwer Meta provides training, skills development, career support and enterprise opportunities within the Erub community - generating opportunities for the intergenerational and lifelong learning; at the same time strengthening and passing on Erubian culture in the stories accompanying the work. Purchasing directly from art centres ensures authenticity and provenance of the artwork.

The Erub Erwer Meta artists design and produce the handcrafted pieces on Erub and as an owner of this artwork you can be proud that you are supporting Torres Strait Islander Art.

Access: Please contact the Art Centre Manager, Diann Lui, to make an appointment.

PO Box 96, Darnley Island QLD 4875
Ph: (07) 4090 0827
Mb: 0488 409 935
E: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
W: http://www.erubarts.com.au/

Erub Erwer Meta Art Centre
Erub Erwer Meta Art Centre
Photo: Lynette Griffiths

'Meg Agoragor' Ailan Pos

Meg Agoragor Ailan Pos is a trilogy of ceramic sculptures which are permanently exhibited in the Gab Titui Cultural Centre garden.

The title Meg Agoragor Ailan Pos, is the story of the three ceramic posts representing the connection of Erub people to the sea. Meg Agoragor Ailan Pos (Meriam Mir, traditional Eastern Island language) is about the never ending tidal work of the sea moving sand, driftwood and shells, to and fro, shaping the shore and sand bars in its own natural way.

The three 'Pos' represent the deep sea 'Karem', the reefs 'Gair Nor' and the sand cays 'Weh Kaur'. The island man who has been fishing has his head down and eyes closed reflecting on past traditions, while the island woman who has been gathering shells on the reef has her head up and eyes open looking to the future based on her knowledge of past traditions. The young bird in its nest on the sand cay represents the present time and the importance of looking after the seas for our young people.

Erub artists involved in making the Meg Agoragor Ailan Pos include Ella Savage, Racy Pitt, Florence Gutchen, Robert Mye and Jimmy Thaiday.

Island Woman  Young Bird  Island Man

Octopus on Ceramic Pole  'Meg Agoragor' Ailan Pos Trilogy  Turtle and Fish